Direct to target, targeting directly 

The distal gastrointestinal and distal genitourinary tracts are important but underutilized routes of administration with significant unrealized therapeutic potential.

Despite the long history of this well-established route of administration use of rectal suppositories is declining and only a few active ingredients are available in this presentation. This situation is not medically justified as rectal suppositories may offer important advantages to patients in terms of improved benefits and/or attenuated risks. Although the oral route of administration remains the preferred route for many situations, polypharmacy and the desire for safe and more tolerable therapeutics provide opportunity for anatomically targeted administration in several important indications.

At Transrectal Therapeutics (TRT) we recognize the reservations held by patients and health care professionals toward certain alternative routes of dosing. However, it is our conviction that issues around convenience and concerns around hygiene can be convincingly addressed. To maximize acceptance we have selected indications where anatomically targeted administration offers compelling advantages in terms of enhanced benefits, improved safety and/or greater convenience.

Transrectal Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development incubator (affiliated with Geneva-based Aretaeus sàrl) dedicated to delivering drugs to their sites of action as directly as possible. Strategies in focus at TRT are 1) drug delivery technologies designed to optimize local application and minimize systemic exposure,  2) innovative formulation development, 3) precision positioning of drug delivery systems in order to circumnavigate hepatic first-pass effects. 

To meet these goals, TRT is investing in innovative and cutting-edge drug delivery expertise to fully harness the unrealized  potential of anatomically targeted administration of therapeutics.

Three projects TRT 001, TRT 002, and TRT 006 are currently in late-stage development.

TRT: when the access makes a difference

Project Pipeline

  • TRT 001

    Managing the life-cycle of the mature prostate

  • TRT 002

    Targeted therapy of rectally directly accessible malignancies

  • TRT 003

    Vascular remodeling of the rectal venous plexus

  • TRT 004

    Investigating distal intestinal receptors and rectal signalling

  • TRT 005

    Intermittently modulating male fertility

  • TRT 006

    Enhanced management of erectile dysfunction

  • TRT 007

    Alleviating severe period pain locally

  • TRT 008

    Topical infection management